Design Philosophy

Sur ces formes ancestrales et simplissimes, uniformes, chacune a imprimé sa sensibilite profonde, composé comme un musicien la petite musique secrète qui l'habitait, rédigé comme un écrivain la chronique d'une existence rêvée, ideale.
Christian Lacroix, L'Orient des Femmes, Quai Branly, Paris.

From its inception Inaash has pursued a philosophy of excellence and creativity in design. Its fusion of ancestral Palestinian motifs drawn from traditional rural patterns, skillfully blended with innovative Lebanese and Palestinian creativity, has established Inaash as the foremost producer of Palestinian embroidery.

Scrupulously maintaining the integrity of the original patterns and stitching, the Inaash Art Committee has adapted designs and colour combinations to 21st century tastes, bringing the best of this fine handiwork to a wider public in the form of accessible garments and soft furnishings.

Mindful of the crucial role of traditional needlework in Palestinian heritage, Inaash nonetheless recognizes the outstanding aesthetic impact of this high quality craft when fused with contemporary sensibilities. In cooperation with leading fashion designers and drawing on the skills of in-house designers, Inaash creates clothes, handbags, soft furnishings and other items that stand out in terms of their originality and unique craftsmanship.